Did Doug Dripp Really Kill Terry Staubach Over a Missed Call?

Was Doug Dripp wrongfully accused for the murder of Terry Staubach?

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Missed calls in sports are hard to watch, but living through them is even harder. From watching perfect games get ruined, the "Fail Mary" controversy, and a controversial no-call. These are all incidents that Doug Dripp can relate to.

The latest episode from go90's newest mockumentary series, The 5th Quarter, tells the fictional story of Dripp, a man who became obsessed with the fact that there was a missed call in the 1986 Minor League World Series. Dripp knew that he tagged out Terry Staubach at the plate during the game, but he didn't get the call. As a result, he believed the League had it out for him and purposely ruined his career.

Although Dripp tried doing everything he could to get over it, there was no point. In the wake of the missed call, Dripp began following Staubach everywhere. The obsession didn't end until Staubach was found dead, and Dripp was the obvious suspect in the case. Sammy Soso (George Lopez), Dripp's manager at the time, knew what the problem was—Coco the Parrot. The bird was "bad news" according to Soso, and proved to be a key contributor in Dripp's case.

Was Dripp framed for murder? Watch the full episode above to find out for yourself and catch previous episodes of "The 5th Quarter" on go90.

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