Steve Kerr on First-Round Playoff Matchup: 'A Lot of the Teams at the Bottom Are Actually Playing the Best'

Steve Kerr knows the Warriors will face a challenge in the first round.

Orlando Ramirez
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Orlando Ramirez

The Golden State Warriors haven't been at their best in the regular season—but have they really been trying? We'll find out very soon, as the playoffs get underway Saturday.

Stephen Curry will be out for some of the playoffs as he recovers from a torn MCL, and he'll likely miss the whole first round. Compounding Warriors fans' concern: they're sure to face a tough opponent in the first round.

Coach Steve Kerr made it clear his squad is preparing for a real challenge.

"Every team that's in the playoffs or even has the potential to be in the playoffs is really good," Kerr said at the team's shootaround Tuesday. "It's the deepest I've ever seen the West. So it doesn't even really matter. We're just going to prepare for a hell of a team."

Steve Kerr on how he'll play tonight's game -- if GSW loses, it eliminates the Jazz/Thunder as a 7-seed possibility

The Warriors could play the Jazz, Thunder, Nuggets, Spurs, or Pelicans in the first round, so with just one game remaining on Golden State's schedule, the Warriors really have no idea who they'll play.

"A lot of the teams at the bottom are actually playing the best," Kerr said. "New Orleans just beat us the other night. Denver's hot. San Antonio has had to win games. OKC now, you can see the urgency all these teams are playing with. So no matter who we face it's going to be a good challenge."

The Warriors will visit Rookie of the Year candidate Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST.

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