Sage Steele Responds to Critics in Lengthy Facebook Post

Sage Steele responded to those who criticized her Mike Evans take in a lengthy Facebook post.

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Sage Steele made headlines earlier this week when she criticized Tampa Bay wide receiver Mike Evans for protesting the National Anthem. Evans said he didn't want to disrespect veterans, but he sat during the anthem before Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears because "the things that’s been going on in America lately, I’m not going to stand for that."

Evans joined a growing list of NFL players who have protested the anthem after 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the trend this preseason. Steele, apparently, had seen enough; she sent the following tweet to Evans:

Hey @MikeEvans13_ look up definition of the word DEMOCRACY & remember this pic while kneeling/exercising your right to protest #perspective

Steele's father served in the Army, and he became the first black person to play for his school's varsity football team. The ESPN anchor is deeply patriotic.

After she came under fire for her comments at Evans, Steele took some time today to address the situation, her views on racism and diversity, and more in an exhaustive Facebook post. 

“Instead of praising or uplifting each other, way too many people of color choose to tear down, mock and spew hatred at other blacks who feel differently, think differently, or make decisions that are different from theirs,” Steele wrote. “That, my friends, is hypocrisy at its best. Or should I say, its hypocrisy at its worst.”

She also dove deep into her own familial history, addressing her parents, husband, and children. 

“Does racism against African-Americans/people of color exist? Of course!” Steele wrote. “It disgusts me more than anyone knows and as far as we have come, there is still such a long way to go. I have personally felt it on too many occasions to count, and I will continue to fight it for me, my family and everyone else out there who truly does believe in diversity. But the fact that so many of us actually have to fight back against other within our own race, is incomprehensible and frankly, it’s pathetic.”

You can read her full post below.

It's quite an interesting explanation from the sports television figure, and whether you agree with her or not, it's good to see her flesh out her vantage point beyond 140 characters.

It seems unlikely that Bristol higher-ups would punish Steele for something like this, but it certainly wouldn't be unfounded for them to at least address the matter, as this could negatively impact the Worldwide Leader's relationship with Evans, Kaepernick, and others.

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