Ranking NBA Players That Need To Win a Championship

The chase to an NBA title is underway and there are several NBA stars who have yet to reach the pinnacle of basketball. We ranked nine players that need to finally win a ring.

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Tis' the season. 

The annual battle for an NBA championship ring starts tonight. It begins well before we watch the key moments on the court – years in advance, in fact, with front offices scouring film and plotting the moves that could bring their franchise glory.

This season, a number of teams have a shot at winning it all. The current Vegas favorites are the Celtics, Bucks, Nuggets, and Suns – but who really knows how this season will shake out? How many people legitimately believed in the Nuggets last season?

Simultaneously, a number of star players find themselves at intriguing crossroads – career-shaping, legacy-defining crossroads. This is what sports are all about.

Some seasoned pros find themselves in new uniforms, hoping that the change of scenery will manifest in their first title. At the same time, however, there are a number of young guns who are only getting better and are also passionately pursuing their first championship. They want to take the next step; they want to be viewed as elite.

This promises to be another thrilling NBA season. As you gear up for the action, check out the nine players we think need to win a title this season.

9. Jayson Tatum

8. Jimmy Butler

7. Devin Booker

6. Donovan Mitchell

5. Luka Dončić

4. Damian Lillard

3. Joel Embiid

2. James Harden

1. Chris Paul

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