Oklahoma Backup QB Roasts Ohio State Defense, Says Sooners Will “Light Them Up”

Austin Kendall says Baker Mayfield will "light them up."

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Ohio State is the No. 3 team in the country and has looked dominant so far this year. Though it’s early in the season and they’ve played weak competition, the Buckeyes are ranked No. 12 in total defense, and they’re giving up only 6.5 points per game.

As Ohio State heads into a big game this weekend against No. 14 Oklahoma, the Sooners’ backup quarterback Austin Kendall made it clear that despite these stats, he’s not impressed with the Buckeyes’ defense.

“I think they have a really basic defense,” said Kendall, the backup to Baker Mayfield, on Sooner Sports. “I think we can go out there and, I mean, Baker, he’ll light them up. I’m really looking forward to it. If my number’s called, I think I can do the same.”

Here is the video.  Have fun with the Buckeyes "Basic D" pic.twitter.com/Ci1WhFFxFP

Kendall, a freshman, was a highly recruited four-star prospect. With Oklahoma up big against UL Monroe last week, Kendall got some playing time. He went 12 for 15 for 108 yards and two touchdowns.

This is likely just a case of a freshman being a freshman, unfamiliar with the media cycle and how seemingly trivial comments can blow up.

After taking a tough loss to Houston in Week One, a win over Ohio State would be monumental for Oklahoma. It won’t be easy, though. Oklahoma is home, but Ohio State is a 1-point favorite, and you can rest assured Ohio State’s defense will remember this comment.

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