Hall of Famer Nate Archibald Loves Watching Steph Curry Play, Compares Him To Jerry West

Nate Archibald called Steph Curry “the most dangerous guy in the league” and compared his game to that of Jerry West.

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Finally, an NBA legend has shown Steph Curry some respect.

During a conversation with NBA.com, Nate “Tiny” Archibald called Curry “the most dangerous guy in the league” and said “I love watching him play.” Archibald compared Curry’s game to that of Isiah Thomas, “Pistol” Pete Maravich and Jerry West.

"We're not giving him enough credit for his ball-handling prowess," said Archibald, who played in the NBA for 14 years. "He came into the league, he was a good shooter and he became a great shooter. But now he's going to the basket on guys. He's got that long-range shot, but he's got a mid-range shot, too. He can pull up on you. And then he's got the left hand to finish off, when you're thinking he's coming back right. 'You stay on that right-hand side, I'm laying the ball up left-handed.'”

Feb. 25, legend Oscar Robertson criticized Curry and the modern NBA as a whole, saying coaches today don’t understand the game of basketball and players don’t play defense nearly as hard as the NBA players did in the ’70s and ’80s.

Archibald agrees Curry would have had a tougher time if he had played in the old NBA, but he says the reigning MVP still deserves his due.

"Oh, he'd have got a whipping," Archibald said. "But I tell people, you can't put him back (in the 1970s) and you can't move ('70s stars) up. Different eras of basketball. Certain rules change the game. The rules now is, they want the game to move. And it's not just to his benefit, it's to everybody's benefit."

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