MLB Player Joey Gallo Shares Heartfelt Story About Meeting Police Officer Killed in Dallas Shooting

Joey Gallo shared a story about meeting one of the police officers who was killed in the Dallas shooting.

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Texas Rangers third baseman Joey Gallo shared a heartfelt story this afternoon of the time he and fellow Ranger Nomar Mazara met Patrick Zamarripa, one of the five police officers killed in last night’s Dallas shooting. Gallo said he would “never forget how kind and down to Earth he was.”

Zamarripa, 32, was a Navy veteran who served three tours of duty in Iraq. according to NY Daily News. Zamarripa was the oldest of three siblings, and his step-mother called him “the ideal big brother.”

“Patrick’s the kind of guy that would bend over backward to help,” said his dad, Rick. “If he has $1 and you needed it, he’d give it to you. He’s the type of person that would do without so you can have.”

Gallo, 22, was drafted in 2012. He played 36 games in the pros last year, hitting six home runs and driving in 14 runs. He has spent most of this year in AAA Round Rock.

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