Michael Jordan Ignited Social Media With His ‘Ceiling Is the Roof’ Speech at UNC

His Airness started a meme frenzy on social media.

Bob Donnan
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Bob Donnan

Michael Jordan is perhaps the University of North Carolina’s most recognizable alum. He also happens to own one of the biggest sports merchandise companies in the world. With Jordan Brand starting to make noise in the football space, a partnership between the brand and UNC’s football program just makes sense.

North Carolina held a little ceremony celebrating the partnership during halftime of Saturday's excellent UNC-Duke men’s basketball game. (UNC won, 90-83.) During this ceremony, Jordan delivered a speech that got the internet spinning.

It was a normal, predictable speech until the very end, when MJ dropped this little gem: “The ceiling is the roof. Let’s make it happen. Let’s keep moving forward.”

To which people said: wait, what? The ceiling is the roof?

"The ceiling is the roof" pic.twitter.com/RtcKkVUQ1h

That’s right. The ceiling is the roof.

Social media lit up.

"The ceiling is the roof". Man I told y'all when MJ was created, God put his basketball attribute at 100 and left everything else at 0.

Let's be real. If MJ came up to you and said "the ceiling is the roof" you'd be like... pic.twitter.com/SODIcif0Lu

When u realize the ceiling is the roof pic.twitter.com/5fH5IVluy0

Michael Jordan just said "the ceiling is the roof" ... pic.twitter.com/3iEPM5hpRK

"THE CEILING IS THE ROOF" pic.twitter.com/Jjs4KWMoPw

"The ceiling is the roof" is going to be my new favorite saying.

"The #ceilingistheroof " - Michael Jordan -- Michael Scott

When the #GOAT says the #CeilingIsTheRoof and you really want to agree with him, but... pic.twitter.com/wM8O7kxwHt

Wait. The very top of the dean dome, the ceiling is the roof. It's all one structure...#mindblown #michaeljordan #ceilingistheroof

And, of course, the Crying Jordan meme had to make an appearance.

Somebody needs to help Michael Jordan not become another meme #CeilingIsTheRoof

When you're the 🐐 but you screw up your speech   #MJ #CeilingIsTheRoof pic.twitter.com/YOSnpjbJhy

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