The List of Crazy LeBron James Conspiracy Theories Just Keeps Growing

A number of crazy conspiracy theories have followed LeBron James throughout the course of his career.

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During NBA All-Star Weekend, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver mentioned that the league is considering potentially altering its playoff system. Instead of having the teams divided by conference—with seeds 1 through 8 in the East and seeds 1 through 8 in the West—the change would mean all 16 teams would compete in the same bracket, with East teams competing with West teams. In theory, seed 1 would play seed 16, much like the NCAA Tournament system.

On the surface, this is a reasonable change that could make the NBA Playoffs more interesting. As it stands now, the first round of the playoffs is pretty...lacking. This would shake things up.

But some people have already asked: Could this possibly all be a ploy to benefit LeBron James? That's the perspective Out Of Bounds host Gilbert Arenas espoused on Tuesday's episode of the show. Check out No Chill Gil's take in the video above. You can also catch the full episode below.


"Why would you want to change it now? Huh, if Adam Silver knows LeBron James is coming to the West Coast," Gil said. "If LeBron James comes to the West Coast, this actually makes sense now."

Indeed, where the King will play next season is a topic of much debate among NBA fans. People have said for over a year that they think he's headed to the Lakers, while others have linked him to the Rockets—both Western Conference teams. Either way, Gil's theory suggests the NBA is trying to set the playoff seedings up so that LeBron would still have a relatively easy path to the NBA Finals, even while playing in the West.

Gil's conspiracy theory is far from the only conspiracy theory that has been attached to LeBron's name throughout his illustrious 15-year career. Conspiracy theories following someone nicknamed "LBJ"? You don't say. (Word to Lyndon Baines Johnson, whom conspiracy theorists blame for the Kennedy assassination.)

Below are some of the wildest LeBron James conspiracy theories we've ever seen.

1. LeBron is headed to the Lakers because of...Space Jam 2?!

LeBron James reacts in overtime against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

2. The Spurs air conditioning conspiracy

LeBron at a 2018 All Star press conference.

3. We have to address Delonte West

LeBron James reacts to a teammate in Orlando.

4. Did a young LeBron intentionally blow a playoff game against Boston?

LeBron James points out orders to a teammate.

5. Were he and Kyrie in it together?

LeBron James wincing.

6. Did he play a role in Eric Bledsoe's trade demand?

LeBron James reacts from the bench during a game against the Magic.

7. Really, anything could be turned into a LeBron conspiracy—even wine

LeBron James, Ludacris, and Kevin hart at the 2018 All Star Game.

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