Dan Le Batard Says Skip Bayless’ Ego Drove Him to Leave ESPN

Dan Le Batard says Skip Bayless was driven by ego and money to leave ESPN.

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ESPN’s Dan Le Batard has never been afraid to boldly state his opinion. He once gave his Baseball Hall of Fame vote to Deadspin. He also once bought a billboard in Cleveland mocking LeBron. He allows his dad to rap on his television show all the time.

His latest bold public move: criticizing former coworkers who have left ESPN for bigger pay days elsewhere.

“The ego of these guys is such that they don’t believe they’re choosing money over winning,” Le Batard said on his show this morning. “They believe they are going to make the difference. It’s happening right now in the sports opinion business."

Le Batard was referring most directly to Skip Bayless, who left ESPN after 12 years and is rumored to be joining Fox Sports for a decent chunk of change.


From a reliable source: Fox Sports is paying Skip Bayless in neighborhood of $5.5 million per for four years, plus a $4M signing bonus.


Le Batard said people like Bayless are always replaceable, and the Worldwide Leader has made them who they are, comparing it to the UFC’s ability to create stars of previous unknowns like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey.

“I told Colin Cowherd not to leave this spot,” Le Batard said. “We were having conversations – now I’m revealing private conversations that I shouldn’t be – even though it would have benefited us, I was telling Colin Cowherd I don’t think you leave. You leave, you’re going to get lost, you’re going to do it for money and no one’s going to know where to find you. We don’t do this to have your voices stuffed in a drawer; we do this to be heard.”

Is anyone actually listening to Colin Cowherd on FOX Sports Radio? Will anyone tune in to Fox Sports 1 to watch Bayless? Le Batard has a point.

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