Brock Lesnar Flagged for Potential Doping Violations Before UFC 200 (UPDATE)

Brock Lesnar has been flagged for a potential doping violation that took place before his UFC 200 win.

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UPDATED July 19, 5:55 p.m. ET:

The UFC released a statement on Tuesday to reveal that Brock Lesnar tested positive for a banned substance a second time prior to his fight against Mark Hunt. Here is the company's statement:

According to Los Angeles Times reporter Lance Pugmire, Lesnar tested positive for the same banned substance that Jon Jones did prior to UFC 200:

Lesnar hasn't commented on the second failed test yet, but his fellow WWE wrestler John Cena appeared on ESPN on Tuesday night and spoke briefly about it:

"I was actually on SportsCenter hyping that fight myself," Cena said. "My thoughts were in Brock Lesnar’s corner, as he was put as the underdog in that fight, and he ended up doing well. Anytime something like that comes out, it certainly affects your perception of the event. There’s no way that people aren’t going to perceive Brock Lesnar differently, and when something like this happens, you set yourself a long, hard road ahead of you, and Brock’s got a long, hard road ahead of him."

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Brock Lesnar, the WWE star turned UFC fighter, just got flagged for potentially taking steroids. Lesnar won his fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 last Saturday, but his pre-fight drug test appears to have come back positive.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) received the results of the test Thursday night. Lesnar took the drug-testing sample June 28. UFC is calling it "a potential Anti-Doping Policy violation."

USADA "will handle the results management and appropriate adjudication of this case," UFC said in a statement. USADA visited Lesnar five times over the course of two weeks before the fight, according to Fox Sports.

USADA looking at Brock's comeback like #UFC200

Lesnar defeated Hunt by unanimous decision.

It was his first fight in five years; he retired in 2011, but remains active in wrestling. 

WWE also drug tests its athletes, so Lesnar, who is supposed to take on Randy Orton at WWE's SummerSlam Aug. 21, could be in trouble with them as well. In a statement to the Associated Press, Lesnar simply said, "We will get to the bottom of this."

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