Antonio Brown Wants to Know How Many Pumps He's Allowed Before Getting Penalized

Antonio Brown thinks he'll be safe with two pumps.

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Antonio Brown is officially the real-life version of Hingle McCringleberry. Today, Brown requested some clarification from the NFL on how many pumps he is permitted during a celebratory dance before he is penalized.

Brown said he thought toning it down to two pumps would be OK. Said he still needs more clarification from NFL.
Brown said that if he minimized his pumps to two that he wouldn't get fined. My goodness, I just typed that

Brown was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for twerking after catching a touchdown pass against the Washington Redskins Sept. 12. Denver's Emmanuel Sanders celebrated a touchdown Sept. 25 with a similar dance, but was not penalized.

Brown is clearly perplexed by how many pumps are permitted, and who could blame him?

Advice for the NFL: make it clear in the rulebook, and then watch Brown like a hawk, like this referee monitors McCringleberry's hips. Doing so could help the league's declining ratings.

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