Not sure if you’ve heard, but the Knicks might be back. Ok, not all the way back, but based on how the last 20 years have gone, being at .500 and firmly in the NBA playoff race is real progress. Julius Randle is an All-Star, Immanuel Quickley is one of the best rookies this season, and they have plenty to build around behind Leon Rose and Tom Thibodeau. But what’s next for the Knicks? We know they always think big, and though they haven’t landed a star player since Carmelo Anthony, it’s not for lack of trying.

Accoriding to Brian Windhorst, the tides could be turning for the Knicks, as he recently said that that a NBA superstar is going to force their way to the Knicks in the next 12 months. The full quote is below: 

I say within the next 12 months a star slash superstar player demands a trade to New York. And I don’t know who it’s going to be. I have some guesses. I’m not going to say right here. I’ll let you guys start thinking about that. Let’s just put it this way: League executives certainly have some guesses. And I say by next year’s trade deadline a player – a superstar, All-Star player – tries to force his way there.

That's pretty direct and seems to be well sourced. So, naturally everyone is wondering who this star player could be? We decided to put together a list of five current NBA stars that the Knicks should make a run at in the next year.