It wouldn't be an NBA season without a burner account saga. The latest comes courtesy of Elfrid Payton, or so fans think. If the suspected account—which goes by the handle @knicksfan6—isn't Payton, then the New York Knicks point guard has one of the most devoted fans we've ever seen. 

Tweets from the account are nearly all about how talented Payton is, and how he needs to be utilized more by the team. It wasn't long before suspicions grew, with one fan discovering that the account might be connected to Payton's actual email.

Soon enough, people started asking the real hard-hitting questions, like why the person behind the account never tweets while the Knicks are playing, to which @knicksfan6 responded, "I always work during the games due to my work schedule." People also pestered the Twitter user to just admit that he or she is in fact Payton, but @knicksfan6 refused to budge time and time again. 

Perhaps the most telling sign is the account's apparent disdain for Knicks point guard Immanuel Quickley, who has been turning heads this season and posing a significant threat to Payton's playing time. Take for example, this tweet, in which @knicksfan6 calls the 26-year-old Payton the team's point guard of the future over the 21-year-old Quickley. 

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Check out more pro-Payton tweets from what many believe to be Payton himself, below.