DeMar DeRozan has proven throughout his career that he performs well under pressure. This skill came in handy off the court when he saved his house from being robbed.

Per TMZ, the Compton native returned to his residence in the Los Angeles-area to decompress during the off-season. But in November, DeRozan's family time was interrupted by a home invasion.

Sources claim that the suspect broke into the home and made his way to an upstairs area where he encountered at least one of DeRozan's children. DeRozan heard the commotion and was alerted to the intruder's presence. This was when the momentum of the moment shifted in DeMar's favor as the 6'6" 220-pound shooting guard came face-to-face with the robber. After realizing that he was severely outmatched, the suspect decided to flee the scene while DeRozan chased him on foot. 

Despite narrowly escaping the fade of a lifetime, the robber returned to the neighborhood moments later. The intruder attempted to get back into the gated community, but security spotted him and called the police. Upon his arrest, it was revealed that DeRozan's home was actually hit by accident. Sources say that the man ventured into DeMar's house by mistake and was really trying to rob Kylie Jenner's home. He has since been hit with one count of felony burglary as well as a restraining order that prohibits him from getting close to DeRozan or Jenner.