Steve Nash kept it real during a press conference recently. The Nets new head coach, who takes over a team with incredibly high expectations heading into next season, knows just making the NBA Finals may not be enough to satisfy the plethora of people who think so highly of his ultra-talented squad.

"We're playing for a championship. I don't want to say anything less than a championship isn't a success,” Nash told Nets season ticket holders two weeks ago, “but we are playing for a championship, and we are going to build accordingly."

With the 2020-2021 NBA season now expected to start in December, the Nets will be among a handful of teams with serious championship aspirations. And that’s due almost entirely to the fact Brooklyn will finally feature the two superstars it signed a couple of summers ago in jerseys rather than street clothes. 

The pressure is on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, inarguably two of the most talented players in today’s game, to learn how to play with each other, formulate the right kind of chemistry with teammates, get comfortable taking orders from Nash, the former two-time MVP point guard who has zero head coaching experience at any level of basketball, and win on a nightly basis. 

Yeah, the Nets are going to be fascinating to watch for a bunch of different reasons. And they should be damn good in an Eastern Conference that appears to be wide open. But do they deserve to be the favorites in the East before we hit free agency? Or does another squad deserve top billing over a (on paper) loaded Brooklyn team? Answers, we got ‘em.  

Reasons Why They Should be Favorites