UPDATED 10/25 at 2:45 p.m. ET: After being aired out for claiming that there's an asterisk by the Lakers' new championship, Pat Riley was forced to clarify his comments.

"The asterisk is next to the Heat’s name, not the Lakers," Riley said on Sunday per the Associated Press' Tim Reynolds. "Their title is legitimate. Our loss has an asterisk (next) to it. The Lakers were the better team. Period."

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Pat Riley is getting some heat (pun intended) after he said that he feels like the Lakers' 2020 NBA Championship has an asterisk next to it because some key players on the Heat's roster weren't at 100 percent during the Finals.

"They beat us fair and squarely,” Riley said to Fox Sports this week. “They were the best team. But there’s always going to be that asterisk, that caveat. If we had Bam and Goran—Goran was our leading scorer in the playoffs—at 100 percent, it could have gone to a seventh game. But I’m not going to look back on it, I’m just going to look at all the positive things.”