It seems Leon Rose's lucky charm bracelet didn't do much for the New York Knicks, which failed to move up in the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery.

Though the team only had a 9 percent chance at securing the No. 1 overall pick, many fans were hopeful the Knicks would at least land a top-five pick this year.

So, how did the franchise ultimately fare? They fell from pick No. 6 to 8. 

Knicks fans were understandably upset for the team, which has not moved up in the lottery since 1985; however, there were some who couldn't help but laugh at the team's misfortune. Sacramento Kings' De'Aaron Fox responded to the Knicks' eighth overall pick in a series of tweets, which included laughing crying emojis.

Fox went on to insist he was not "clowning" the Knicks, but was amused that they failed to meet expectations.

Brooklyn Nets' Spencer Dinwiddie also weighed in with a simple "LOL."

You can check out other reactions below.

Also, here's the list of the teams that get the first ten picks:

1. Minnesota
2. Golden State
3. Charlotte
4. Chicago
5. Cleveland
6. Atlanta
7. Detroit
8. New York
9. Washington
10. Phoenix

The Warriors have healthy Klay and Steph and the No. 2 pick of the draft

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) August 21, 2020