In a moment of honesty, Charlotte Hornets guard Terry Rozier revealed he did not know Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls three-peated twice until he watched The Last Dance

"Just actually seeing this documentary, I learned so much," Rozier said during a Bleacher Report interview that was conducted with several members of the Hornets roster. "I didn't even know that they won three straight [championships two times]. I'm just being honest. ... To do things like that in this league, you have to be super special."

This moment of honesty from Rozier was accompanied by his teammates explaining what having Jordan as a team owner means to them. Take Cody Zeller, who's picked Jordan's brain to gain an edge of their own.

"That was my question to him—about the difference between winning and losing, the room for error," Zeller said. "A lot of times, it was a game-winner by MJ, but it did come down to one shot or a jump ball with five minutes left in the fourth quarter."

But of course, social media still had its way with Rozier because he was unaware of the specifics about one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history. Check out some of the best memes and reactions down below.

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