League officials have announced that Antonio Brown will be suspended for eight games once the NFL season resumes due to "multiple violations of the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy."

"Antonio Brown was notified today by NFL Special Counsel for Conduct Todd Jones that he has been suspended without pay for the first eight regular-season games of the 2020 season for multiple violations of the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy," league officials said.

NFL reporter Tom Pelissero also cites that Brown will not be appealing the suspension as well. This news comes following Brown himself being very much on top of all of the policy violations and assault allegations stacked against him, as he had been adamant about wanting to learn what his punishment was going to be.

"I have complied with each and every ask of your investigations throughout the past 11 months," Brown wrote on Instagram last week. "You have had access to all of my phones, you know what the deal is in each and every situation that the media has distorted. I have been seeing the therapist you asked me to, I have worked on all aspects of my life this past year and have become a better man because of it. The fact that you refuse to provide a deadline and the reason for the fact you won’t resolve your investigations is completely unacceptable. I demand you provide me clarity on this situation immediately if you really care about my wellbeing."

Brown also said earlier this month that he would be walking away from the game—something he said he would do in 2019 as well—but it is still unclear whether he will choose to play after his suspension is up or not.


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