Mike Tyson might be making his return to the ring.

On Monday, Tyson shared a workout video with his Instagram followers. This is the second time Tyson has shaken up the internet with a workout clip. Yet like the Bad Boys for Life video, the post's caption gives the impression that it's a sponsored ad for Smart Cups. 

"Anything is possible when you are smart about it. Train Smart. Recover Smarter," Tyson captioned the clip. 

Still, things seem to point to his return. After unleashing a flurry of combinations, Tyson looks at the camera and says "I'm back." This is the same way Evander Holyfield finished the comeback video he posted last week. 

Holyfield also revealed he is getting in shape to participate in a charity fight on behalf of the Unite4OurFight campaign. If Tyson and Holyfield are planning a third fight, this would coincide with the things Iron Mike said would motivate him to get back into the ring. 

The 53-year-old has stated on several occasions that he doesn't want to feed his "ego" by stepping back into the ring. But recently, Tyson told T.I. that he's getting in shape so he can do some rounds for charity.