On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Rams became the latest NFL team to unveil their new uniforms ahead of the 2020 season.

The new uniforms are the first to feature the Rams' redesigned logo, which debuted earlier this year. The yellow-to-white gradient was added to the jersey numbers for the team's royal blue option. The new horn design is also featured above the jersey's sleeves and on the helmet.

The royal blue jerseys are paired with an off-white option that the Rams are calling "bone." For the bone jerseys, the numbers are a solid royal blue, a combination is accented with a bright yellow streak above the shoulder pads, similar to where the horns are placed on the royal blue jerseys. Each jersey is accompanied by a patch near the left chest that reads the team's name.

The new unis also feature four different pant designs; a pair of blue pants with a yellow stripe, a pair of yellow pants with a blue stripe, a bone pair with a yellow stripe, and a pair of bone pants with a white stripe.

As is often the case, fans were quick to jump on the team's new look, taking issue with everything from the placement of the team's logo, to the actual design of the logo itself. Take a look at some of the harshest reactions below. 

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