There have been many conversations surrounding Kevin Durant's time with the Golden State Warriors. Some of his previous teammates like Draymond Green have even stepped up and discussed what it was like playing during that season, knowing that Durant's departure might be imminent. Recently, Warriors president Bob Myers also spoke up about the discomfort that some felt towards Durant as they were completing their second championship run.

"The second time with Kevin [in 2018] it felt like, ‘Well, we just did what we were supposed to do, and great job,'” Myers told ESPN of the last season the Warriors won a championship. “It wasn’t joy. I’m sure a lot of people felt differently. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. I think there’s just a weight to everything."

These comments might not be that surprising, especially considering the amount of hate Kevin Durant was receiving when he made his move to Golden State. Many basketball pundits like to put an asterisk next to that championship because of how stacked the Warriors became with the addition of Durant, steamrolling the Cleveland Cavaliers during their quest for that title. 

It was also during the third season that many of the gripes the Warriors have between one another reached critical levels.

Still, Durant decided to weigh in when Myers' quote was making the rounds on news outlets. In particular, Durant commented on a post by Sideline Sources stating his former teammates looked happy.

“N****s look happy as shit in that pic though,” he wrote.

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