CBS has apparently won the tug-of-war for Tony Romo.

According to The New York Post's Andrew Marchand, Romo's future with the network has been secured, after he inked a record-breaking contract that pays approximately $17 million per season.

The former Cowboys QB began working for CBS as an NFL analyst in 2017, months after his retirement from the league. It was recently reported that ESPN was preparing to offer Romo between $10 million to $14 million per year if he failed to renew his contract with CBS next month. An insane sum considering his previous CBS deal was for $4 million annually.

The Post reports Romo's new CBS contract is long-term and "is significantly more than five years." Sources did not reveal specifics, but said the deal's total value will exceed $100 million.

If the news is true, Romo is now the highest-paid NFL analyst in history. The title was previously held by John Madden, who received $8 million from Fox in 1993. The Post points out that with adjusted inflation, Madden's salary would be around $14 million today—about $3 million less than what Romo will reportedly receive.

CBS confirmed the contract extension hours after the news broke about Romo's deal.