Being the fan on an ailing franchise may seem like it causes you enough pain to require medicinal help, but according to an Ohio medical board committee, this won't grant you a medical marijuana card. 

In December, the panel that meets in Columbus, Ohio to discuss the guidelines for medical marijuana consideration rejected a petition requesting that weed be medically legal for Browns and Bengals fans, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports. 

In 2016, Ohio passed a law allowing the medicinal use of marijuana. The following year, the Browns gave fans plenty of pain as they went winless in 2017. The team made some adjustments and there was hope heading into this season with the addition of Odell Beckham, Jr. and Kareem Hunt to their offense. Yet, the team vastly underperformed, missing the playoffs. The Browns are now on their sixth head coach since 2010. 

Things are much brighter in Cincinnati. The Bengals used to have a lot of promise with the pairing of Andy Dalton and AJ Green. But for some reason, this never translated to substantial success. This year, the Bengals posted a league-worst 2-14 record for the first time since 2002. Now, the franchise is looking to go into a complete rebuilding phase. There are talks of trading Andy Dalton to make room for LSU's Joe burrow and they could lose AJ Green to free agency. This means that there might be more dark days ahead for Bengals fans. 

Although the board in Columbus already shut down the motion, it's clear from these teams' histories that they will continue to cause a type of emotional—and sometimes physical—pain that even weed can't fix.

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