Steph Curry has named his all-time starting five.

The Golden State Warrior recently joined former teammates Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson for their highly successful podcast All The Smoke, where he tried his best at naming his top basketball players. Though he's probably been asked this before, it's always fun to hear the greatest shooter ever's all-time list.

"Right now, aw it's crazy. I think I've answered this before and I'll probably have a different starting lineup. So we go, Magic [Johnson], Michael [Jordan], Larry [Bird], uhhh … oooh … wait … Shaq," Steph explained. "Let me make sure I got my positions. Magic [at] PG, Michael [at] shooting guard, Larry [at] small forward, and power forward? … Tim Duncan."

The podcasting duo got into some great questions with the superstar. Jackson asked Steph if he and Klay Thompson are the best shooting combo ever, to which Steph replied: "For sure." That's pretty much unquestioned, and Steph continued: "We still got more to accomplish, but definitely."

He also mentioned that Draymond [Green] and Klay should hopefully get it together within the next 3 to 4 years to go after a championship again. With Steph as the elder statesman on the team at 32, it's possible.

In a blow to New York Knicks fans everywhere, Curry also revealed that he wanted to be drafted by the Knicks. "I wanted to go to New York and thought I was going to New York," he said.

Steph's return from a broken hand may be closer than we think, according to Marcus Thompson of The Athletic. The superstar may return for a March 1 game against the Washington Wizards.