The NFL trade deadline is typically nothing compared to the madness of the NBA trade deadline, where there's the potential of legit star players getting moved. This trend could soon move to the NFL, with stars like Cam Newton, AJ Green, Trent Williams, and more all popping up in rumors every single day. Teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers seem to be very active. Really good teams are looking to go for it in a quest to win a Super Bowl. 

Mid-season trades are no longer taboo, and now somewhat of the norm in the NFL. Just this season we've already seen star DBs Jalen Ramsey Minkah Fitzpatrick moved for multiple first round picks. Jadeveon Clowney was traded just before the season started. The Texans went all-in on a deal for LT Laremy Tunsil. The point is, the NFL is becoming the NBA in a sense, with a number of high profile players trying to force their way onto new teams. 

With the NFL trade deadline rapidly approaching and the possibility of some major trades still on the way, the Complex Sports team put together a list of seven star players that should get moved before the October 29 deadline.