Things got a little awkward during Saturday's season premiere of ESPN's College GameDay.

At one point in the episode, host Rece Davis asked Desmond Howard if his alma mater Michigan had any chance of defeating Ohio State this year. There was obviously some shade in the question, as Ohio has beat Michigan seven times in a row; so, it's no surprise that Howard chose to respond with a joke.

"Is Desmond Howard gonna have to choke a bitch?" he asked with a laugh. 

The comment was a reference to a famous Chappelle's Show skit featuring Wayne Brady. Though it's one of the most overused quotes from the show, many viewers weren't too happy with his language; so Howard attempted to fix the situation by issuing an apology shortly after.

"I'm a big Wayne Brady fan and I made a comment that was supposed to be taken as a joke," Howard said on air. "If I offended anybody, I apologize. We can move on with the show."

The comment may have not gone over too well with some audiences, but there was at least one man who appreciated the joke.

"Hey, Desmond, what's up, man? ... I just heard about the comment that you're taking flack for, man," Brady said in a Twitter video. "And I just gotta say: Look, choke who you wanna choke, have fun, and I'm a big fan of yours, too. I wanna come on GameDay and give you some love. Thanks to much for being a fan ..."