After the NBA's blockbuster free agency, it's hard to watch any sports show without hearing how much a certain NBA player is set to make. And even if you don't watch TV, anyone can type a player's name into Google and figure out the inner-workings of their contract. Yet, despite their financial information being open to the public, Chris Paul claims that NBA players rarely talk about money with each other.

During an interview with The Athletic's Clevis Murray, Paul explained how discussing finances in the locker room can be unsettling. 

"I think the reason why I'm so passionate about this is because I'm finishing up my 14th year in the NBA, and I've been around long enough to realize that guys in our league, we talk about everything in the locker room except for finance, except for money," Paul said. "Nobody talks about money, because it's one of those uncomfortable things."

Paul wants to change this dynamic. The superstar point guard thinks that if the NBA can change the way players feel about money then it can prevent athletes from blowing through their cash. He also thinks it will help them understand the power of a dollar and how that translates to their new responsibilities as young, rich, adults. 

"I've heard so many stories. That's why I try to talk to guys because it happens. This is a short career. In the grand scheme of life, this is a short career. You try to maximize it as much as possible," Paul explained. "There's the rookie transition program and all these different people that try and help you. But when you come in the NBA at 18 years old, you're just thinking about basketball, basketball, basketball. You don't even understand what health insurance is."

This isn't a new interest for Paul. During his time with the Clippers, CP3 urged Steve Ballmer and other team governors to speak to the players about finances. Paul wanted someone like Ballmer to explain how he amassed his $50.4 billion net worth and what he's doing to maintain his wealth. 

"My hope is that's something we can keep implementing in our league and just try to continue that dialogue," Paul said. "I think guys would definitely listen to the owners and CEOs of their teams who've dealt with that type of money."

Ironically, it's Paul's massive contract that's currently causing him problems. After being traded from the Rockets to OKC, the Thunder began working closely with CP3 to move him to his desired destination. But with $124 million left on his contract, they've been struggling to find a team willing to take on the 34-year-old's massive deal.