Chris Paul reportedly kicked Steph Curry off of the court in Houston the night before Game 6, a possible attempt to throw Curry off his game that backfired tremendously. 

According to The Athletic, Paul superseded some practice time that Curry had reserved, effectively booting the Warriors star from the Toyota Center court. 

"[Paul] decided to go to the Toyota Center to get shots up, nixing Curry's reservations," reporter Marcus Thompson wrote. "The Warriors' point guard offered to stick to half a court but Paul wasn't having it. Curry was kicked off the Toyota Center court."

A video clip of Curry shouting "Kick me off the court again, boy!" after Game 6 seems to confirm this story.

Rockets trainer Irv Roland denies the reports that Curry was ousted. 

"When we finally went out there, Stephen cracked a joked with Chris," Roland told The Houston Chronicle. "Chris said 'let him shoot.' It wasn't like it was a confrontation. 'Let him shoot. Let him finish what he's doing.' We didn't kick him off the court. We didn't even say anything."

Joke or confrontation, it almost worked. Curry failed to score in the first half, but he came out of the locker room ready to play in the second half, dropping 33 points on the Rockets and showing them the way out of the playoffs.