The Los Angeles Dodgers are working with authorities to help identify the culprit in an incident that reportedly left one man severely injured, KABC reports.

After Friday's intense, six-hour contest between the Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks, unresolved tension seemed to spill into the parking lot. As a result, Rafael Reyna was entangled in a dangerous physical altercation with another fan in which the 47-year-old reportedly sustained multiple life-threatening skull injuries. According to Reyna's wife Christel, she was on the phone with her husband when she heard Rafael arguing with a man and a woman. She then said she heard a loud "crack" followed by her husband moaning in pain. 

"I was hearing the arguing happening and then I heard like a smack, a crack," Reyna told KABC. "It sounded like a baseball bat, and then I heard him start moaning."

Reyna was rushed to the Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center where the father of four has been on life support since early Saturday morning.

Shortly after the fight, the Dodgers released a statement addressing the grave situation. The organization explained that the incident was immediately reported to Dodger Stadium officials, who called emergency services. The Dodgers also informed fans that they are working closely with the Los Angeles Police Department in hopes of apprehending the suspect. 

"Last night, an altercation occurred suddenly between two men who were leaving the stadium. One of the men was injured as a result of the altercation. A witness immediately reported the incident to stadium personnel, and emergency medical technicians were promptly dispatched to provide medical assistance at the scene," the statement reads. "The matter is now being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Dodgers are cooperating fully with the investigation."

To the authorities' knowledge, Reyna was punched once by the man for an unknown reason before falling to the ground. They are now investigating the matter as an assault and are looking for a person in their 20s who drove away in a white SUV, possibly a Toyota 4Runner. 

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