While taking over Kevin Hart's Cold As Balls, things took an unusually serious turn when Russell Westbrook addressed his relationship with former teammate Kevin Durant

"Hate? No,'" Westbrook said when explaining the past tension between KD and himself. "Anything between me and Kevin they want to put 'hate' because they want a story. They want to talk about something. They want something the fans can hold on to. But it's not 'hate.'"

This is refreshing news for NBA fans as it appeared that KD and Westbrook would be the neo-Magic and Zeke, holding on to a beef that would linger long into their retirement. As known, Durant left Oklahoma City to join the top-heavy Golden State Warriors, creating a rift between himself and Russell Westbrook. However, Westbrook assured Hart that he and Durant are in a "much better place" than they were in the past and that the "feud" is driven by the media.

Like his "feud" with KD, Russ also disclosed that he and his former teammates, James Harden and Kevin Durant, don't harbor on the "what ifs" as much as people would assume. 

"We made it to the Finals when we were 23. I definitely know if we could've stayed together we would've been a problem for sure," Russ said. "We've talked about it a couple years after, but never much since. Everyone else has been talking about it ever since."

Despite Westbrook's very politically correct responses, Russ did reveal a glance into his competitive personality when responding to Hart's question about super teams.

"Me personally, it's not my style. I like to compete. I like to go against the best. That's why I've always stayed in Oklahoma City," Russ said before answering the question of if his team needs another player to compete with super teams like the Golden State Warriors. 

"No, we'll kick they ass with the team we have right now, how about that?"