Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were engaged in an unabashedly heavy bromance throughout All-Star Weekend, getting into some light-hearted 1-on-1 together. 

They also played jokes on each other. 

And they spoke to each other as if no one else was in the arena, somehow managing to ignore robot Kawhi Leonard showing off his new beta dance move software. 

Irving even stuck around to the bitter end of Durant's MVP trophy ceremony because that's what real friends do. 

It's like, guys, forget a room, get a team to play together on already! Kyrie appeared to be putting that plan into action when he and Durant were spotted speaking in the hallway of the Spectrum Center. During their one-sided conversation, Irving appears to tell KD, "Two max slots, it’s time!" 

Even though there are a few teams that would need to make some moves between now and July 1, the Knicks are the only team currently with two max slots already available. Now, their fan base and NBA fans alike believe that Irving's remarks—if was really saying "two max slots"—in the video, coupled with everything that happened between them this past weekend, practically confirms the belief that these two are headed to New York.