Over the last few years, Complex Sports has made a tradition of ranking all the NBA teams’ Twitter accounts (here’s our list for 2018). We scrub the squads’ official feeds and—through a rigorous, incredibly subjective process—determine which teams deserve praise for their social media efforts and which teams have accounts that are blasé.

No one would argue that the NFL is as Twitter-savvy as the NBA; the NFL is forever playing catch-up to the more progressive league. But the NFL has increased its efforts on social media several years ago and most teams now employ at least five social media managers. It takes a village to go hard in the tweets. So this year, we’re expanding our rankings to audit the NFL’s 32 teams.

We’ve evaluated these accounts based on entertainment value, above all, while also factoring in creativity and humor. Some teams (the Bears, Chargers, and Saints, for example) excel in these areas. Others—not so much. So one day after we stirred things up with a fresh look at the whole Tom Brady vs. Michael Jordan GOAT debate, see where your favorite team sits by checking out our rankings. If you have beef, be sure to let us know on —where else?—on Twitter.