Forget the Warriors pursuit of a third straight title. The real drama of this season is the build up to a wild summer of free agency. Know this, all rumors begin and end with Anthony Davis.

Will Klutch Sports bring their new client, AD, to the Lakers to pair with their top client, LeBron James? Are the Celtics on a quest to complete the master plan of adding Davis as their franchise cornerstone? Will another dark horse emerge to swing a deal for AD? In the end, it’s entirely possible he takes the supermax and stays with New Orleans.

After Davis, sizeable intrigue is a little less juicy—but still fun to speculate. Sure, New York and LA seem destined to land superstars this summer—like Kawhi Leonard or Kevin Durant—but talking doomsday scenarios about how the Warriors dynasty stirs up NBA fans like few other topics these days. The only question is how much should you we really care about these reports and rumors that make for great barbershop fodder. So while we’re halfway through the season, it’s a good time to take a look around the NBA landscape and survey which rumors are the ones we really should be paying attention to.