Baron Davis is a big fan of the current NBA, so he's not talking out of some "back in my day" boosterism when he says he can hang with some of the best players the league has to offer. On a recent episode of Ebro in the Morning, the nearly 40-year-old former All-Star said that he's better than James Harden

The host asked Davis who would win between himself and Harden in their respective primes.

"I gotta go with me, for sure," he said, before letting Rosenberg gas him into going a bit further. "I think my beard tighter." 

Davis believes that it would be a great match, as he views Harden as his mirror image.

"James is like the left-hand version of myself," Davis said.

Even with his bravado, Davis can't deny the historic season that Harden is having right now. 

"James, he killing. I just like his game because it's smooth," he said. "We were having a debate at the house, is he one of the best dudes to ever score the basketball? The run he's on is crazy."  

Davis views Harden as an example in an NBA that is on its way to being more equal, with teams full of young talent figuring out a way to unseat the twin behemoths of the Warriors and wherever LeBron is. Outside of the chats with well-respected former players, though, Harden isn't getting much love. He's proven to be a polarizing figure despite his success. So much so that even players sitting pretty on the dynastic teams of a lopsided league feel comfortable taking shots at him.  At least he comes prepared with the perfect response.