The Masked Singer is a new Fox reality competition series hosted by Nick Cannon in which celebrities sing in front of the an audience and panel of judges that includes Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and Ken Jeong. The catch is that the viewers don't know who's singing because, of course, they're in full body costumes. One such competitor is the Steelers' Antonio Brown.

Brown was a singing hippo who performed against a raven, a peacock, a pineapple, and a rabbit, among other non-human characters. The wide receiver was the first celebrity revealed because he was the first one eliminated from the competition—his rendition of "My Prerogative" (above) failed to impress.

The sight of Brown in a hippo costume is as wild as the timing. Before the premiere episode aired, the NFL star was at the center of trade rumors after he tweeted San Francisco's George Kittle and started following a number of 49ers players on social media.

The Steelers-Brown drama also includes him being placed on the inactive list for Sunday's season finale after missing out on team activities and reportedly throwing a ball at Ben Roethlisberger before walking out of a practice. Steelers will be watching the playoffs at home after missing it for the first time since 2013; Brown will have to do the same for The Masked Singer.