In his prime, Carmelo Anthony regularly led his team to the playoffs, once led the league in scoring, and was a certified superstar. But in his 16th year in the NBA, the narrative around Melo has changed. No longer the athlete and impact player he used to be, Anthony might be staring at the end of his career after his most recent stop in Houston didn’t work out. Lack of playing time, an unwillingness to come off the bench, and just not fitting in appears to be the culprit.

"I think everybody knows that I've sacrificed kind of damn near everything," Anthony said following the end of the 2017-18 season. "Family, moving here by myself, sacrificed my game for the sake of the team, and was willing to sacrifice anything and everything in order for this situation to work out. So it's something I really have to think about, if I really want to be this type of player, finish out my career as this type of player, knowing that I have so much left in the tank and I bring so much to the game of basketball."

But it looks like teams in the Association don’t feel the same way about the future Hall of Famer like they used to. Now that his days as a Rocket are over and his time in the league reportedly could be over, how did we get to the point where Anthony might be retiring rather than firing away from 18 feet? Here’s a brief timeline of all the ups and downs Carmelo Anthony’s career.