You know how far you've really sunk when the lowly Sacramento Kings not only come back to beat you on your home floor but also feel it's OK to clown you after doing so. But that's where the Chicago Bulls are at right now following their 108-89 loss to SacTown on Monday night. After the game, here's what the Kings said:

It's a well-time quip considering the internal strife roiling Chicago right now.  If you're not within 100 square miles of Chicago and don't follow the NBA, then we'll catch you up so you can make sense of Sacramento's burn.

A little over a week ago, the Bulls fired coach Fred Hoiberg, and his replacement, Jim Boylen, has rubbed some players the wrong way with an often dictatorial approach to the gig. While an overbearing coach might fly for a high school team or in an inspiring sports movie like Coach Carter, it's often the death knell for an NBA coach. You can't expect grown men with guaranteed deals worth tens of millions of dollars to run suicides after the second night of a back-to-back, no matter how much you revere Gene Hackman's portrayal of Norman Dale (Hoosiers is catnip for white, baby boomer sportswriters who still forlornly recall an earlier age when athletes knew their place). 

A full-blown mutiny was afoot this past weekend, which is why Chicago's loss at home on Monday night led to the remark from the Kings coterie as they returned to the locker room. However, it's a tad ironic considering how poorly Kings coach Dave Joerger gets along with assistant general manager, Brandon Williams and the history of the Kings over the last decade. The Bulls are a disaster on many different fronts, but the Kings are still the Kangz, and when we saw what happened, a Daryl Morey tweet about Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo came to mind.