DeSean Jackson wants out of Tampa Bay and some signs point toward the receiver returning to Philadelphia

While Jackson landing in his old home is by no means a done deal, the wideout seems eager to make his way back to Philly. As for his current team, it becomes more obvious every day that the team and Jackson want nothing to do with each other. 

The team can cut Jackson with no cap hit after this season and they showed which way they are leaning in a piece in the Tampa Bay Times that aired out dirty laundry.  Reporter Rick Stroud spoke to sources inside the team and came away with an incredibly negative picture of Jackson. 
"Just before Christmas last year, he played cards in the locker room with his former Washington teammate, defensive tackle Chris Baker, and was late to a meeting,” Stroud wrote of one interaction. “When told he would be fined again, Jackson erupted and kicked over a display Bucs receivers were using for a secret Santa gift exchange. He then became involved in a physical altercation with one of his coaches and had to be restrained by a teammate.”

Jackson is ready to move on and has reportedly sold his home in Tampa. As for where he'd want to end up, a recently posted photo of him in an Allen Iverson jersey offers a clue. 

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