Where is Carmelo Anthony headed next? Earlier this week, Anthony and the Houston Rockets agreed to part ways, ending an unceremonious 10-game run with the organization. Thoroughly convinced that he has plenty left in the tank, 'Melo is looking to prove himself with another team, but who will that be?

If Anthony is looking for a team that will help him in his ongoing quest for a ring while providing him a teammate that could potentially get the most of him, the answer is LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. That decision, however, is all up to the Lakers. But 'Melo has a friend who can put in a good word for him with LeBron. On Saturday, James was asked about the possibility of having his friend come to L.A., and let's just say, it wasn't exactly a glowing endorsement. 

"I have no idea to be honest, that’s not a question to ask me," LeBron said, at the 2:24 mark. "Right now, we have 15 rosters spots right? We don’t have a roster spot open right now, so that's not a question for myself." This isn't James's first time at the rodeo. He may not be intentionally tipping his hand by stating the obvious, suggesting that the team doesn't currently have an open roster spot available for him. 

In his recent tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers, James wasn't shy about using the media to express his desire for some help. Maybe this new LeBron is actually putting his faith in the Lakers front office to provide with the right pieces to succeed. Maybe he's playing coy. You never know with The King.