The Minnesota Timberwolves have turned into the NBA's new reality show, and the public is extremely here for it. However, the Wolves franchise is in lockdown mode after Jimmy Butler re-enacted the quitting scene from Half Baked ("You're cool, coach Thibs."). The next day, to the surprise of few, the Timberwolves canceled practice. 

However, Minnesota's coach, Tom Thibodeau, is a notorious worker, spending most nights with the glare of the computer on his face as he exhausts the Synergy servers. On Friday of last week, that hardscrabble persona showed itself when he bemoaned to reporters how the preseason schedule prevented his team from completing the necessary practices to be ready for the season. 

A canceled practice so close to the first game of the season appears to contradict what the coach said on Friday. What on earth could be the cause of such a sudden cancellation? It's unlikely snow is involved in early October, so we're flummoxed.

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