On Sunday, the Eagles beat the Jaguars at Wembley Stadium for one of those super early games that the NFL has played in London in recent years. Fast forward 27-28 hours and the field or pitch or whatever the hell you want to call it was hosting a Premier League game or match or whatever the hell you want to call it between the Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City.

The result of this quick turnaround was a patch that was not ideal for playing/falling down and pretending like you're hurt on. In fact, not only did it have a faded NFL logo that looked like a college and pro team were sharing the same playing surface (looking your way LA Coliseum), but it was also as raggedy as an under-funded high school, and still had the damn yard markers on display and everything:

This amateurish-looking clownery was not the fault of poor scheduling (well, at least not entirely) and instead appears to be a result of construction delays. We say that because, when the game was first confirmed, it was supposed to take place in Tottenham's new stadium. But the opening for that place was pushed back to 2019. This precipitated a September announcement that the game would be played in Wembley Stadium.