Klay Thompson is back.

After a bit of a slump in which he shot 5-for-36 from 3-point range, Klay broke the record for most 3-pointers in a game by scoring an impressive 14 of them against the Chicago Bulls. The record breaking shot even received a standing ovation from the crowd at the United Center.

When all was said and done, Klay walked away with 52 total points. 

Interestingly, the previous record-holder for most 3-pointers in a single NBA game was none other than Klay's teammate Steph Curry. After the game, Klay revealed that Steph told him to "go get it" in reference to breaking the record. "That just shows the unselfishness," Klay said. 

The Warriors ended up winning the game against the Bulls. The final score was 149-124.

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