Imagine training and lifting weights so much that you not only become one of the strongest and most athletic players in the country, but you become one of the most coveted college football players in years. Imagine being able to dash past tacklers for a 92-yard touchdown or leap over defenders like it’s nothing. Imagine running in rarefied circles with rappers, superstar ballers, and other celebrities you never thought you’d get to meet just a few years prior.

Hard work and dedication molded Saquon Barkley into one of the best college football players last season (he holds the record for most all-purpose yards in a season), and now the Penn State alum is turning heads at the highest level. In just the second week of his professional career, the New York Giants running back has already etched his place in the team’s record books for the most receptions (14) in a single game.

Known for his insane cuts and lighting speed, Barkley is widely considered a future superstar in the NFL. But he is still a newcomer in the league so you might not know too much about him. Here is everything you need to know about the ultra-talented Saquon Barkley.