Saturday's brawl between the Rockets and Lakers checked off a pair of contrasting boxes for Warriors All-Star and occasional NBA disciplinary target Draymond Green, who said he stayed up an extra hour and 15 minutes because of it. On the one hand, he (like you, if you were fortunate to be tuned in) was amused by the fracas.

He does think there was a "double-standard" in the way he himself was previously punished versus the way his L.A. and Houston contemporaries were.

For those unaware, the Lakers' Brandon Ingram caught a four-game suspension for "aggressively returning to and escalating the altercation and throwing a punch in the direction of (Chris) Paul, confronting a game official in a hostile manner, and instigating the overall incident by shoving Rockets guard James Harden." On top of that Rajon Rondo got hit with a three-game suspension for apparently spitting and tossing punches Paul's way, while Paul also will be removed for two games.

Here, check it out if you want a Monday refresher:

“That was garbage,” said Green of the suspensions, which he thought were too low in comparison to his own. “I’m never in favor of guys losing money. But I got suspended in the NBA Finals for attempting to punch somebody. Guys punching each other are getting two games or three games. I attempted to punch somebody, and not in the face, either.” (Note that the dick's not much better, and might actually be worse. Your call.)

“It seems like a little bit of a double standard going around this thing. That’s just me, though. I could be wrong. I don’t got all the answers.”

The suspension he was referring to was for Game Five in the 2016 Finals after racking up enough technical foul points (via swinging at LeBron's nuts), and in addition to that he suggested he would've been docked more games if he was involved in Saturday night's incident.

Feel free to watch him discuss the event (courtesy of the Mercury News) below: