While it's definitely easy to only play multiplayer FIFA online, or – when you do have friends over – to pile straight into FUT and enter a 'Draft', you should definitely take time to rediscover Kick Off mode in FIFA 19.

The most exciting addition to the mode is a host of new match types that change the way you play FIFA 19. As opposed to the standard 11 vs 11, there are five new 'House Rules' that will bring back playground vibes. Among those up for selection are: Headers & Volleys, Long Range (goals outside the box count for two), First to..., and No Rules, which is the closest FIFA is ever going to get to 'Red Card Football' on PS2.

The final 'House Rule' mode is Survival, which some have characterised as EA Sports' attempt to pull back some shine from Fortnite: Battle Royale. In Survival, each time a goal is scored, the scoring team loses a player at random – creating a new challenge for the player with a score advantage. It's pretty much football meets last man standing.

Each mode is a lot of fun and encourages different playing styles, breaking up the usual pattern of gameplay. Whether we'll still be playing these modes at the end of the game cycle remains to be seen but for now at least, they're refreshing and a lot of fun. This sort of reflexive thinking from EA Sports will only heighten expectations that we're slowly moving closer to a return of 5-a-side or a 'FIFA Street' mode in FIFA 20...