It's hard to judge just how hard Steph Curry is playing, but he's a competitor, so it's not crazy to think he's actively trying to beat JB-sponsored PSG striker Neymar. Both athletes are considered at or near the top of their respective sports, so they both like to win.

Neymar and Curry battled at supposedly the oldest court in the world, the YMCA-Ucjg de Paris, and it was the futboler who really impressed. Neymar swishes a header shot that gives Steph at least one letter. Later, while using both hands like an old ABA player, Neymar also connected on a deep shot from straightaway that prompts Steph to say it should probably count for two letters. It likely felt like a free throw for the greatest shooter in basketball history.

Strident trackers of H-O-R-S-E prowess will be disappointed because doesn't seem to be a concrete tally to their game, which was the result of an informal brand connection via the Players' Tribune.

When they weren't trying trick shots, Steph taught Neymar about his crossover, and Neymar taught two-time MVP how to rainbow flick the soccer ball over his head:

Would Neymar be a better basketball player than Steph would be at soccer?