How long would you party after finally winning something? A week? A month? The whole summer? When you claim to have never won anything in your entire life—not a high school crown, not a college conference tournament title, not even a Drew League championship—you keep the good times rolling for as long as you can. That’s essentially what Nick Young’s been doing since June 8.

Roughly a month after Game 4 of the NBA Finals, the man affectionately known as Swaggy P is in his native San Fernando Valley, fresh off a hot yoga session that served as a workout since it’s early in the off-season and he’s still trying to get his body right. Young never played so deep into a season before, and the longest grind of his career took its toll on the 33-year-old. But the payoff, of course, was helping the Warriors win a third NBA title in four seasons, and the kind of immortality that comes with earning a ring despite what any social media haters might say.

When he signed as a free agent with the Warriors last summer, Young expected a legit shot at a championship. What he didn’t expect was the weight of the emotional wave that would hit him when the final buzzer went off that night in Cleveland. A lovable loser throughout his amateur and professional basketball career, Young worried during key stretches of the Warriors’ playoff run that he might be a jinx. When it came time to celebrate his eternal change of status, he admits the struggle was real.

“I didn’t even get a chance to take my picture with the trophy,” says Young. “I was so excited I just left after everybody sprayed me with champagne. I was just so geeked I didn’t know what to do.”

The celebration started with six seconds remaining in the game. That’s when Young was caught struttin’ his stuff up the court as the clock ran out—arms swinging, cheesing big time. It was unscripted, hilarious, and completely on brand. It was Swaggy P—the infamous moniker/persona Young essentially gave himself a handful of years ago—at his finest. Four days later, P was shirtless at the championship parade through downtown Oakland, having the time of his life. When he returned to Los Angeles, the newly crowned champ couldn’t ride around town with his window down without fans running up to congratulate him. Largely, they used to leave him alone.

“We should have had a parade, my own special parade in a ’64 Impala, driving down Ventura [Blvd.] for my Valley friends and then driving down Hollywood for my L.A. friends,” says Young.

Allow him, for a minute, to indulge in his own little fantasy world because, as he enters the twilight of his NBA career, Young’s just happy he’s finally a winner and still playing in the league. Because not too long ago, he seriously thought the NBA no longer wanted him around. And while you can clown on Swaggy P all you want for the antics, the crazy fits, for perpetually looking like he gives zero fucks out on the basketball court, know that he does and that you probably have him pegged all wrong.