A 10-year-old named Clark Kent Apuada claimed Michael Phelps' longstanding record in the 100-meter butterfly race over the weekend, according to CNN, because of course only Superman could compete with the greatest Olympian of all time.

Clark's winning time: 1:09:38. Phelps had set the record at the Far West International Championship in California in 1995, but his time was more than one second slower than Clark's. Clark is a part of the Monterey County Aquatic Team.

"This kid is unlike any other young man that I've ever coached," Clark's coach, Dia Riana, said, according to CNN. "He's always stood out, he's just, he's kind of a savant of sorts."

Phelps, of course, has claimed 28 Olympic medals, including 23 gold. In his last Olympic games, in Rio, he won five gold medals and one silver.

One would assume Clark's entire life is dedicated to swimming, but it's not. He seems to be a pretty balanced kid.

"He does piano lessons, he does martial arts, and at school if there's a computer class, coding, or STEM programs he's always joining," his father, Chris, told CNN.

Naturally, Clark has picked up the "Superman" moniker.